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Title: Can't Fight This Feeling
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: PuckOC, FinnRachel, FinnQuinn, slight PuckQuinn, mentions of PuckSantana, others later on
Disclaimer: I own nothing but Leigha, Josh, Cate, Kylie, and some other randoms OCs.
Summary: Puck is the tough football player who just happens to know how to sing. Leigha is the drama geek with a smart mouth who doesn't take crap from anyone and can let you know in the form of song. The two couldn't be more opposite but somehow there's that undeniable attraction between them that they desperately try to fight.
Spoilers: Nothing in the first few chapters but if you haven't seen the first couple of episodes don't bother reading.

The first time Noah Puckerman noticed Leigha Haynes, she was drenched in Diet Coke.

Puck was sitting at the same table he sat at every day with a bunch of the guys from the football team and some of the Cheerios. He had a tray loaded up with food and was eating away, not paying much attention to what everyone around him was talking about. He never really listened to what went on at lunch. It was usually drama from the girls and talk of who hooked up over the weekend from the guys. Usually, he would talk with Finn if he was around but today he was MIA. So today Puck was quiet. That didn’t however mean that everyone around him was. Quinn Fabray and her cronies were sitting next to him, gossiping about whomever they saw fit.

“Oh my God, do you see what she’s wearing?” Quinn scoffed loud enough for everyone around her to hear over the dull roar of the cafeteria.

“I know,” her right hand woman, Santana, quipped with a pretentious smile. “She looks like her mother dressed her.”

All the Cheerios followed their leader as she let out a condescending laugh. Puck looked up from his food with a bit of curiosity. He followed their gazes to see who their target of the day was. It was safe to say he was surprised when he saw the girl they were talking about. Normally, it was some geeky girl or Goth chick who suffered their criticism. Today, it was a pretty girl in a white sundress. She was easily as pretty as Quinn or any of the other Cheerios so he couldn’t see what they were getting at.

“That outfit’s so lame,” Rhea, the freshman trying to desperately stay on Quinn’s good side, added with a smirk.

Puck rolled his eyes. Sometimes the Cheerios were a little bitchier than necessary. Especially today it seemed. The girl that was on the receiving end of the day’s taunting had gotten up from her table and passing their own when Quinn stuck her leg out, stopping her. Her eyes narrowed as she looked over at the blonde girl blocking her way. Quinn just smiled contemptuously and said, “Sorry but you need to be properly dressed to pass.”

“You mean dressed like a slut?” she responded in an equally biting tone. “Sorry but I’d rather not.”

“Are you calling me a slut?” she challenged, the smirk dropping from her face.

“The fact that you have to ask is a bit concerning to me. How exactly have you managed to make it this far in school?” Quinn scowled and mumbled some harsh words. That didn’t stop this girl. “You know, if you want to promote the celibate image you probably shouldn’t dress so trampy.”

That pushed Quinn to the edge and gave her a swift kick to send her tumbling over. Just like that she stood up as did every one of the Cheerios around her and for a minute or so the two girls seemed to simply be sizing each other up. Then, Quinn grabbed her soda from the table and threw it right in the girl’s face. She froze where she stood as the Diet Coke seeped into her clothing. And then she was gone. She weaved her way out of the cafeteria as quickly as humanly possible. All the Cheerios laughed as they watched her go before returning to their conversations. Puck let out a small chuckle as he watched her fly out the cafeteria doors and immediately felt a guilty pang in his gut, a completely foreign concept to him. He never felt guilty about anything he did, let alone things other people did. It was even odder to him when he found himself standing and picking up the backpack that the girl had dropped after being drenched. With a bit of hesitance, he followed the path she’d taken out of the cafeteria.

It wasn’t very hard to figure out which way she had gone. All Puck had to do was follow the trail of Diet Coke on the floor. It eventually led him to the girl’s bathroom where he stopped. This could be a bit of a problem. He stood there and contemplated for a moment if it was worth it. His conscience ended up winning the battle and he glanced around the hallway before entering the bathroom. He was instantly caught off guard by the sight before him. The girl was standing next to the row of sinks in nothing more than her underwear as she pulled on a pair of gym shorts. She didn’t notice him until she stood back up and when she did let out a small gasp. A look of shock briefly crossed her face before her eyes narrowed into a glare.

“I realize you and your Neanderthal friends seem to be illiterate but I would think you’d be able to tell the difference between the boys and girls bathrooms.” She put her hands on her hips, not even bothering to cover her chest up. That proved to be distracting for him. She had a figure that many girls would pay a lot of money for. Her eyes narrowed more as his gaze wandered down to the simple white material of her bra. She snapped her fingers saying, “My face is up here, bud.”

Puck snapped his attention back up to her face, pushing out every little fantasy that had suddenly popped into his head away. He held up the backpack she had dropped and managed to say, “You forgot this in the cafeteria.”

She took the backpack from his outstretched hand, her glare wavering for a moment. She mumbled a brief “thanks” and set the bag next to her freshly stained dress which was laid out on the counter between sinks. She turned away from him, pulling a black tank top over her head. When she looked over and saw that Puck still hadn’t left, she told him, “The door’s that way if you’re confused.”

“I know where the door is,” he said a bit defensively. The two of them stared each other down for a minute or so before he caved and looked down at the floor. Running a hand over his Mohawk, he said, “I’m sorry about what Quinn did back in the cafeteria.”

“Yeah, well, so am I. Do you know how hard it is to get that much Diet Coke out a white dress without any seltzer or Oxi-Clean?” He just looked at her blankly. “Never mind.”

“I’m, uh, I’m Puck,” he said, holding his hand out to her sheepishly.

She looked at him skeptically for a minute before shaking his hand. “I’m Leigha. And seriously? You need to get out of here before someone with boundaries comes in and flips over their being a boy in the girl’s bathroom.”

“Right.” With that Puck turned and quickly left the girls room, feeling the most confused he’d been since he took Chemistry the year before.

The second time Leigha Haynes saw Noah Puckerman, she dumped a slushie on him.

It was the next Monday after fifth period and Leigha was standing at her locker, debating. She’d put her English III book up and had her AP history notes tucked into her backpack. Now she was trying to figure out if she really wanted to spend her free period next hour in the library, actually doing homework, or if she wanted to risk leaving campus to go get a milkshake from the Dairy Cream down the street. Her best friend, Kylie Parish, would kill her if she got caught and ended up in detention when they had a drama club meeting. And while Kylie was a far cry from intimidating, she took drama club very seriously. More seriously than one person ever should probably. She stopped debating, however, when she saw Rachel Berry attempting to open her locker despite the fact she had the remnants of a melting slushie running down her cheeks.

Leigha closed her locker and walked over to where the other girl stood. “Rachel? Are you okay?”

The dark haired singer looked up from her locker in surprise and said, “I will be once I manage to get my locker open. God, this lock is always doing this to me.”

“Do you need some help with that?” she asked as she watched the other girl sigh in frustration. Rachel gave her a look of desperation and nodded. She stepped out of the way and told Leigha what the combination was. She quickly spun the dial and opened the locker door, giving her classmate a pleasant smile.”Ta-da.”

“Oh my Gosh, thank you.” Rachel started to go through the contents of her locker before resuming the upset look she’d had before. “Crap. You wouldn’t happen to have any spare clothes with you?”

“No but I think I know where I can find you something. Follow me.”

Leigha led Rachel through the mess that was the backstage of the school’s theatre. She’d spent plenty of time back there during play practices that it was easy for her to maneuver around all the set pieces and props that were scattered about. Rachel on the other hand was having a bit of trouble getting past everything. Leigha winced as she heard her trip over a piece of scenery. “You might wanna watch your step.” She walked into the green room and went over to the rack of costumes that were currently on hand. As she started to go through the outfits at hand, she told Rachel, “You can sit down if you want. This might take a few minutes.”

Rachel sat down on the worn out, mismatched sofa and looked around the room curiously. “I’ve never been back here before. Is this where drama club keeps all their costumes?”

“Nope. We have a costume closet for that. So what’s with the drying slushie all over you?”

“It’s become something of a daily ritual for some of the football players. I’m sadly beginning to adjust to it.”

“Who would be enough of a douche bag to waste a slushie every day?” Leigha pulled a dress off of the rack and frowned. “Too big.”

“I can’t remember his name. The football players all tend to blend together in my mind. He’s the one with a Mohawk.”

Puck. He was the only football Leigha knew who had a Mohawk. She shook her head with a scowl. “Why am I not surprised?” She grabbed a blue blouse but quickly put it back. “Too small.”

“Are you in drama club?” Rachel asked from where she sat.

“Yeah, I’m a member of hyperactives anonymous. My best friend, Kylie roped me into it our freshman year. She designs the costumes for the plays. Most of these are her creations.” She pulled another dress off the rack but scowled and put it on the rack. “Too medieval.”

“I’ve always considered joining the theatre department. A way to broaden my talent. But lately I’ve been so busy with glee club. You’ve heard of glee club right?"

“Who hasn’t? Everyone is still scratching their heads trying to figure out how you guys convinced Finn Hudson to join the club. No one knew he could sing.”

“He’s quite good actually. We’re lucky to have him. There aren’t a lot of kids in this school who can carry a tune.”

“There are more than you think. They just don’t wanna risk getting beat up for joining.”

“Do you know anyone who can sing?” Rachel asked, an excited gleam in her eyes at the thought of new recruits.

“Um, the few I know do the spring musicals every year. Most of them are too busy with A’Capella or the fall play, though.” Rachel sighed. “I do know someone with a decent voice who isn’t too busy though.”


“Me,” Leigha answered simply. “I’m not fabulous or anything but my voice is pretty good. I did the spring musical last year. I was only a supporting role but-”

“You should try out for glee.” She nearly laughed at Rachel’s enthusiasm. “We could always use more talent and we need at least twelve people to compete. If you go talk to Mr. Schuester, I’m sure you’d be in the club in no time.”

“I’ll give it some thought,” she told her as she pulled a red dress off a hanger. “A-ha. I believe this is just your size. It’s one of Adelaide’s costumes from last year’s production of Guys and Dolls. It’s a tad bit flashy but it’s not stained with blue raspberry slushie.”

Rachel stood up from her seat on the couch and took the dress. “Thank you so much. You’re amazing.”

“I know,” she answered with a small smile. “Just make sure you get it back within like a week. Kylie likes to come in and check on her babies every now and then and she’s isn’t fond of me lending out her ‘beautiful creations’ without her knowledge.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of it. Now is there a place I can change?”

“Yeah, there’s a bathroom right through there. Although, I warn you, it may be kind of trashed. We drama kids are known for being rather messy.” Rachel headed to the bathroom but Leigha stopped her long enough to say, “I’ve gotta go take care of something so I’ll see you later.”

With that said, Leigha went off in search of a certain football player.

Leigha found Puck sitting amongst his football buddies in the quad, laughing about only God knows what. There were Cheerios nearby as well, which made this even more painful. But she was a woman on a mission and that was to give Puck a very specific message. And when she saw the slushies in the hands of several football players, an actual plan formulated in her mind. Striding as quickly across the quad as her petite legs would carry her; she joined the group of school royalty. The conversation immediately halted when she arrived and the smirk dropped from Puck’s face. She took the lull in the conversation as an opportunity to grab a slushie from one of the many goons’ hands and toss it into Puck’s face. Cheerios jumped back to avoid getting splashed and football players all snickered.

Puck, however, was pissed off. He was off his seat in a matter of seconds and tried to wipe syrupy melted ice off. “What the hell?!”

“Oh, I just thought you might like to know what it feels like when you toss these wonderful little gas station gifts on someone,” Leigha told him with a snarky smile. “You know since you enjoy doing it so much.”

“What’s your problem?!” he asked her, taking a step closer and towering over her.

“My problem is you harassing harmless people like Rachel Berry,” she answered, matching his challenge and stepping forward.

“What’s it to you if Berry gets a slushie in the face every now and then?” His voice lowered as he leaned towards her with a scowl.

“Rachel is kind of a friend. Not to mention the fact that you’re wasting a perfectly good slushie which I think could be considered a misdemeanor.”

“What’s your point?”

“My point is that every time you decide to do something like this – something that you seemed very against the other day might I add – I’m gonna reciprocate the action. That means if you throw a slushie in someone’s face, I throw one in yours. No matter how much it pains me.” Puck swore under his breath which simply brought a smug grin to her face. Turning on her heel, she waved and said, “Have a nice day.”

The third time, Noah Puckerman heard Leigha Haynes before he saw her.

It had been a few days since the incident with her and the slushie. The whole thing left Puck on edge for some reason. It had been days since he’d thrown something in that Berry girl’s face and he was just itching to do it. But he knew that Leigha would have no problem following through on her threat and she’d enjoy it. Plus it would be really hard to get all that syrup and crap off his letterman’s jacket. So he’d restrained himself and just avoided any of those gleeks.

On Friday, Coach Tanaka sent him to find Finn. He was supposed to be at practice half an hour ago but he didn’t show. So now, Puck was stuck wandering the empty halls of McKinley High, searching for the missing quarterback. The first place he went was the auditorium. That seemed to be where Finn lived nowadays. He was always with those gleeks. Ever since he’d joined glee club, the two of them had barely hung out at all. It seemed like the only time they saw each other was at practice and now Finn was flaking out on that. He could hear music coming through the auditorium doors as he slid into the back of the dim room. To his surprise, it wasn’t Finn or any of the other gleeks standing on the stage.

"I hear the ticking of the clock
I’m lying here; the room’s pitch dark"

Standing in the center of the stage was the very girl he’d been avoiding all week long. There was a spotlight trained on Leigha and he couldn’t help but think she looked like a star up there in her skinny jeans and slinky black top. Her light brown curls hung loosely down her back and there was a confident smile on her face as she continued to sing.

"I wonder where you are tonight
No answer on the telephone
And the night goes by so very slow
Oh I hope that it won’t end…alone"

Puck was shocked to say the very least. He had no idea she could sing.

"Till now I always got by on my own
I never really cared until I met you
And now it chills me to the bone
How do I get you alone?
How do I get you alone?"

God, could she sing! If he weren’t watching her lips move himself, he would have assumed someone had a CD playing.

"You don’t know how long I have wanted
To touch your lips and hold you tight, yeah
You don’t know how long I have waited
And I was gonna tell you tonight
But the secret is still my own
And my love for you is still unknown…alone"

He stood there, stunned at her beautiful voice. Even though he was standing in the back of the auditorium, he felt as if he could feel every emotion she was trying to show in the song. Desire. Passion. Love.

"Till now I always got by on my own
I never really cared until I met you
And now it chills me to the bone
How do I get you alone?
How do I get you alone?"

He watched as the smile fell from her face and was replaced with an almost sad expression.

"How do I get you alone?
How do I get you alone?

Puck watched as she stepped down from the stage and went over to where Mr. Schuester was sitting. A few minutes later, she was walking towards the doors, right in his direction. He wasn’t sure whether or not he should leave before she reached him. He hadn’t done anything to make her mad but he’d seen her wrath and it wasn’t pretty. However, she reached him before he had a chance to make any decisions. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t the lead Neanderthal himself.”

“Lookey here, McKinley High’s resident buzz kill,” Puck rebutted with his trademark smirk. He gave her a once over that left most girls feeling uncomfortable. She simply took it in stride.

“I know, you football players aren’t exactly the smartest people in this school but I thought you could at least figure out where the football field is.” She smirked back at him and he found gaze going to her full lips. His mind wandered to all the things he figured she could do with those lips. “Puckerman!”

His attention snapped back to the banter at hand. “I’m looking for Finn. He’s late for practice. You seen him?”

“Hmm, let’s see. Abnormally tall, quarterback, all-American attitude, Saint Finn. That who we’re talking about?” She looked at him with a teasing glint in her hazel eyes.

“That’s the one,” Puck replied with a slight laugh. That was Finn in a nutshell.

“Haven’t seen him,” she told him with a smirk still there. Turning on her heel, she started to walk down the hallway. Puck found himself following after her for some reason. With no slushies in sight and his letterman jacket safe inside his gym locker, it seemed like as good of time as any to make a move on the spunky brunette.

“So what else can you do with that mouth of yours?” he asked, raising his eyebrows at her suggestively.

Leigha rolled her eyes, stopping at her locker. As she spun the dial, she replied cheekily, “Oh, I’m sure you’d like to know.”

“I’m sure we could have some fun,” he said, leaning against the row of lockers.

“Why don’t you go have some fun with your hand?” she retorted, closing the metal door with a small slam. “I’m sure you can manage to get that in before you go back to the football field.”

Leigha strode away, leaving Puck a bit shocked at the blatant rejection. With a huff, he trudged off to practice, thinking I’m sticking with the cougars from now on.

The fourth time Leigha Haynes saw Noah Puckerman, she was delivering pizza to a bunch of drunken jocks.

“You joined glee club?!”

Leigha rolled her eyes as she listened to her best friend, Kylie, rant at her. She was supposed to be working but it was kind of hard when she had the fashionista drama queen, following every step she took. When she’d decided to audition for glee, she’d thought it was a good idea and she’d felt even more confident after Mr. Schuester told her that her voice was great and she’d be a great addition to glee. Then, she came home and Kylie showed up to begin her rant.

“I can’t believe you would join glee. What about drama club?”

“Kyls, I realize you don’t seem to get this but I do have to actually work.”

“Please. Like Josh cares if you stand here and explain to me your lapse in sanity for five minutes.”

In all honesty, Josh Haynes wouldn’t care if his baby sister talked to her best friend for a while. He was upstairs, preoccupied with his very pregnant wife, Cate. That didn’t mean she didn’t feel bad about standing around, doing nothing. Plus, she didn’t really trust Garth, a nineteen year old high school dropout, with the customers yet. Josh and Leigha had inherited their family’s pizzeria two years ago after they lost their parents in a car crash. He and Cate were her legal guardians and his name was on all of the official paperwork until she turned eighteen. Until then, Josh had final say in all decisions related to Mama Mia’s Pizzeria.

“Josh needs me to actually be working because we would actually like to stay in business,” Leigha told her friend as she delivered a pizza to a group of eighth graders, gossiping.

“And I need you to explain to me why the hell you decided to join glee club. Don’t you realize it’s like social suicide? I mean, it’s one thing for us to be drama geeks and be towards the bottom of the food chain but the glee kids are literally at the bottom of the bottom.”

“Since when have we cared about the social ladder?” she asked, wiping down a now empty table.

“Um, since my best friend decided to join the mockery of the school.”

“Finn Hudson’s in the club and he’s still one of the most popular guys in school.”

“That’s because he’s McKinley’s golden boy. He can do no wrong. You are just asking to get a slushie thrown in your face or something.”

“Well, I’m doing this. So just-”


Thank you Josh, Leigha thought as she turned to her big brother. It was obvious Josh had been a jock in high school. The tall blond man still had the body of the wrestler he’d been during school. Even though it had been five years since he’d graduated and truly worked out as an athlete, he was still in better shape than half the guys at McKinley High. Sometimes, Leigha figured the only reason any of the Cheerios ever came into the pizzeria was to watch her brother work. He’d always been popular with the ladies in high school but Cate was the only one who mattered in his mind. A closet romantic, he’d fallen in love with the tiny redhead the minute he met her their sophomore year and vowed he’d marry her. A year after high school, he did. Their relationship was so sweet sometimes it made her sick.

“I need you to do a delivery for me,” Josh said, running a hand through his messy hair. He flashed a bright smile past her, saying, “Hey Kylie.”

“Joshua, tell your thick headed sister that joining glee club is social suicide,” Kylie instructed, her tone showing her frustration.

“You joined glee club?” he asked his little sister with a look of surprise. She simply nodded. “Huh. I didn’t know they still had that. It sucked while I was there. Wait a sec – Mr. Ryerson’s not still in charge of it, is he?”

“No, he got fired. Mr. Schuester’s in charge.”

Josh breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank God. He always creeped me out when he’d come down and watch us practice.”

The two girls simultaneously said, “Eww!”

“Yeah but Schuester’s cool. I had him for Spanish II my senior year. So, when’s your first performance?”

Kylie threw her hands up in frustration, making Leigha laugh. “Fine. Join glee club. Whatever. But when you get a slushie thrown in your face for the first time I get to say ‘I told you so’. And you’re still coming to all the drama club meetings.” And with that, she stormed out of the restaurant.

“She’ll calm down in a day or two,” Leigha said, rolling her eyes a bit. “Now, what did you need?”

“I need you to deliver an order for me. I’m pretty sure Garth’s license was suspended.”

“How many to where?”

“Ten pies for the Rutherford’s.”

Her expression immediately changed as she began to protest. “No. No friggin’ way.”


“No. You know that I don’t deliver to parties especially not ones that my classmates will be at. I just don’t.”

“You don’t know for sure it’s a party.”

“I do if it’s at Matt Rutherford’s house. He’s known for basically two things: his charm with the female high school population and his parties. The last one got broken up by the cops. It was so loud they could hear the music from the station, twelve blocks away.”

“Just this once. Please, L.”


Josh grunted in frustration and rubbed a hand over the light stubble on his chin. “Look, it’s either deliver the food for me or go upstairs and deal with momzilla.”

“Oh, wait till I tell Cate what you said. She’s gonna kill you.”


“Ugh, fine,” she grumbled, giving in. Honestly, she didn’t want to deal with all of Cate’s mood swings right now. “But I’m taking my good, sweet time getting’ back.”

“Whatever. Just deliver the food.”

Leigha gave a mock salute before heading back into the kitchen to do as her brother had instructed.

I hate my job.

That was what Leigha was thinking as she parked Josh’s old Chevy truck in front of Matt Rutherford’s house. She scowled at the house in front of her. She had been right to assume that a party was taking place. She could hear the thumping beat of a Kanye song perfectly from inside of the truck. It took all of her willpower not to turn around and go home. Reluctantly, she slid out of the cab of the truck and grabbed the food before heading to the front door.

She rang the doorbell, although she had no idea how they could hear it. The music was so loud she felt like her ears were ringing. She waited for a minute before ringing the bell again. Still no answer. This time she rapped her fist against the thick wood. Finally, the door swung open.

“Hey!” A somewhat tipsy Matt Rutherford greeted her with a large smile. The tall football player had a plastic cup in his hand, which gave emphasis to her suspicion of underage drinking.

“$52.75,” Leigha replied with a thin smile. She really wasn’t in the mood to deal with drunk jocks.

Matt didn’t pay attention to the price. He was looking her over, somewhat curiously. “You go to my school.”

“Yes, I do. It’s still $52.75.”

He still wasn’t catching on. “You sit in front of me in math class.”

“Uh-huh. It’s still $52.75.” She was starting to get frustrated.

Still nothing. “Your name’s Lindsey, right?”

“Leigha. And it’s still $52.75.”

“Oh! Right.”

Finally. Leigha almost breathed a sigh of relief as she watched Matt pull his wallet from the back pocket of his jeans. She shifted the weight of the boxes while she waited. Glancing past Matt, she could see the party going on inside. She caught a glimpse of Cheerios gyrating and football players getting plastered. Definitely not her scene.

“I’ve only got $35,” Matt told her with a sheepish look. He must have noticed the look of frustration on her face because he said, “Hold on a sec.” He turned back to the party and shouted,” Yo Parker! Tell Puckerman to get his ass out here!”

Five minutes later, that boy and his stupid Mohawk had joined them on the front porch.

“Dude, what the hell?!” Puck questioned with a look of annoyance, not even noticing Leigha standing there. “I was putting the moves on that new Cheerio. The quiet one who just transferred from Columbus. You know the quiet ones are always the freakiest.”

Leigha resisted the urge to scoff. It was typical Puck.

“Dude, you owe me twenty bucks. Pay up.”

Puck rolled his eyes and mumbled his frustrations. Pulling his wallet from the back pocket of his worn out jeans, he finally noticed Leigha standing there. A smirk crossed his face as he checked her out. It was almost like a greeting they shared. Unfortunately for him, she was in nothing more revealing than a pair of flour dusted jeans and the old Ramones t-shirt Josh had outgrown his freshman year of high school. “So you deliver too?”

Leigha couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the poor attempt at an innuendo. “Only when I’m getting paid.”

He snickered a bit but stopped when Matt elbowed him. “Alright, man. Don’t get your panties in a twist.” Reluctantly, he handed a twenty over to his teammate, who in turn, handed all the money to Leigha who pocketed it gratefully.

Handing the leaning tower of pizza over to the boys, she started to leave until a certain football player stopped her.

“Hey, you should totally stick around for a while,” Matt said, his hand resting on her elbow to stop her. “You know, dance a bit, have a beer. It’ll be fun.”

“Thanks but it’s not really-”

Matt didn’t let her finish. “Great,” he announced, wrapping an arm around her should and pulling her inside.

So this is what Hell looks like. It’s cooler than I thought it would be.

At the moment, Leigha would rather be at home, dealing with Cate and her mood swings, than in the middle of Matt Rutherford’s bass thumping living room. Never in her life had she felt more out of place than she did surrounded by Cheerios and jocks. Matt was next to her with his arm still draped over her shoulders, rambling on about God only knows what. She’d tuned him out the second they stepped inside. She noticed Puck sulking in a corner, watching her and Matt with hard eyes.

What’s he got to be mad about? He’s not the one being held hostage by a drunk football player with ADD.

“You want a drink? I’m gonna go get you a drink. Wait here. I’ll be right back.” With that, Matt disappeared into the sea of teenage bodies, leaving her alone in the chaos. She glanced around the room, trying to spot a decent escape route.

“So you never did tell me what else you can do with that cute little mouth of yours.”

Spinning around, Leigha found herself face to chest with Puck. Taking a step back, she watched him take a long slug of his beer with a thin smile. “You think my mouth’s cute?”

“I can think of a few places where your mouth would look even cuter. Wanna try it out?”

She miraculously managed to keep from blushing as she told him, “Keep dreamin’, Mohawk boy.” She turned to leave but Puck simply followed her.

“You know, most girls don’t pass up a chance with this.”

“Yeah, well, someone’s gotta keep your ego in check.”

“You know, I could get us a few drinks and show you a real good time.”

Leigha was getting a bit annoyed. Sure Puck was hot. You’d have to be blind not to see that. That didn’t mean she was enjoying his never ending stream of innuendos. “Look, I’m not really interested in anything that requires getting plastered just so it can be fun. Plus, I have to get back to work.”

“You don’t know what you’re passing up, pizza girl.”

“Actually, I think I do. See you around, Neandrathal.”

The fifth time Noah Puckerman saw Leigha Haynes, she was practically giving a lap dance to that wheelchair kid on stage.

Normally, Puck didn’t mind going to assemblies. Sure they were lame but it meant that he had a legit reason to not go to class and it was always easy to find new targets. Plus, most of the time the Cheerios performed which meant plenty of ogling. But this assembly was for glee club or “homo explosion” as he preferred. He still couldn’t understand what kind of disease Finn had developed that would make him want to join Freaks Anonymous. He had the hottest girlfriend, he was quarterback, everyone thought he could do no wrong. And he still decided he wanted dance around with the school rejects. It just didn’t make sense to Puck. Sitting down with Mike Chang and the rest of the guys from the team, everyone watched as Mr. Schuester came on stage.

“When I went to school here, glee club ruled this place and we’re on our way back.” At that, Puck tuned him out. There was no way he would believe that glee club had ever been cool. Okay, maybe if they had like Shakira or Beyonce but not at this crappy high school. He zoned out, pulling at a string on his jeans. He didn’t anyone coming on the little stage until the music started.

“Get up on this!”

Looking up the stage, his jaw nearly hit the floor. There was Leigha, standing with the other girls in glee and shaking her money maker. Why couldn’t she have done this at the party two weeks ago? His eyes raked over her in interest. She had on a pair of Daisy Duke cut offs and a tight blue tank top that left almost nothing to the imagination. He watched in shock as she went over and started gyrating on that wheelchair kid’s lap while he sang. What the hell was going on? Everything that he’d thought about glee club flew out the window for the moment. The girls sang their verse with Berry in the lead. He didn’t pay any attention to that however. All he could think about was how hot Leigha looked up there. Almost as good as Santana, his latest conquest, did in her Cheerio uniform. As if he couldn’t be more impressed, while everyone else slinked across the stage, she did a series of handsprings or flips or whatever across the front.

And then it was over. The entire gym was silent for a moment as everyone tried to process what they just saw. The glee kids stood there, out of breath and looking nervous, as they waited to see what everyone would do. Then, Jacob Ben Israel stood up; cheering like his life depended on it. Soon the entire crowd was cheering along with him. Even the guys on the football team were cheering, including Matt Rutherford who let out a loud wolf whistle. Once everything died down, the gleeks left the stage and everyone started to file out of the gym. Puck told the boys he’d see them at practice and made his way down the hall until he found her.

“Hey pizza girl,” Puck said, leaning over Leigha’s shoulder as she pulled some books from her locker. She nearly jumped out of her skin as she spun around to face him. “That was one hell of a performance back there.”

“Wow, Puckerman, I’m surprised you weren’t too busy buying slushies to throw on people to show up,” she said, putting her hands on her hips. He gave an appreciative look at her long-ass legs until she scolded him. “Honestly, how many times do I have to inform you that my face is up here and nowhere else?”

“Well, when your shorts are shorter than the Cheerio skirts, it proves to be a little distracting,” he told her, leaning against the lockers next to hers.

That made her blush a little bit. “It was Rachel’s idea to do the song and Mercedes demanded to do the costumes. I didn’t choose this.”

“You should keep the shorts,” he told her with a suggestive smirk and walked away before she could say anything else to him.

“Dude, did you see that Leigha chick up there? Whoever made those shorts deserves like a Nobel Peace Prize or whatever. I mean, damn!”

Puck scowled as he listened to Matt and the other guys talk about the earlier performance at practice that afternoon. They were supposed be taking a quick water break but it seemed that the boys wanted to talk about the new hot thing – Leigha. Ever since his drunken encounter with the girl, Matt had been informing everyone on the team that he was planning to score with the feisty singer. Puck highly doubted that, considering the number of times she’d flat out turned him down. However, didn’t stop the flash of anger every time she became the topic of locker room discussions. He never said anything to the guys about it but he was grateful whenever Finn would tell the others to shut up about it.

“If only that girl would join the Cheerios,” Matt said with a sly smile. “Then we’d get to that ass in those little skirts. That’s what I call heaven.”

Puck crushed the paper cup in his hand and stormed back onto the field. He picked up a football and looked for a target. He launched the ball across the field, hitting some poor unsuspecting nerd. Oh well. He grabbed another football and this time threw it at a freshman couple, sucking face on the bleachers. There were squeals coming from that direction now. The rest of the guys started walking back onto the field and Puck found himself launching yet another football, this time right at a certain teammate’s head. He couldn’t help but chuckle lightly when he hit his target.

“Ow! What the hell, Puckerman?!” Matt shouted across the field.

“Sorry, man. Just slipped.”