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Title: Can't Fight This Feeling
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: PuckOC, FinnRachel, FinnQuinn, slight PuckQuinn, mentions of PuckSantana, others later on
Disclaimer: I own nothing but Leigha, Josh, Cate, Kylie, and some other randoms OCs.
Summary: Puck is the tough football player who just happens to know how to sing. Leigha is the drama geek with a smart mouth who doesn't take crap from anyone and can let you know in the form of song. The two couldn't be more opposite but somehow there's that undeniable attraction between them that they desperately try to fight.
Spoilers: slight spoilers for Acafellas

The sixth time Leigha Haynes saw Noah Puckerman, they somehow ended up in her bedroom.

“Hey Leigha! Got another car comin’ your way.”

Leigha looked at the muddy jeep coming over to her and sighed wearily. She was working at the car wash that glee club was having to raise money to hire a choreographer. Honestly, she was perfectly happy with the way Mr. Schue choreographed their routines. They were good and not too complex because Finn still had some problems with trying to sing and move at the same time. But when Quinn Fabray and her lackies decided to join glee, they seemed to control the majority of the vote. So now, she was half soaked and stuck dealing with more Cheerios than she ever wanted to. The red jeep pulled to a stop in front of her and Matt Rutherford stepped out of the driver’s side.

“Hey Leigha,” he said, giving her a quick onceover. “How’s it going?”

“Well, considering I’m covered with cold soapy water and yours is the seventh car I’ve had to wash today, I’m friggin’ peachy. You know, I saw you yesterday driving around and your car sure didn’t look like this. Was it raining mud before and I just didn’t notice or what?”

Matt looked at ground, embarrassed, and shrugged sheepishly. “Got a lot puddles in my neighborhood.”

“Sure you do,” she said, skeptically. She went to work, tossing a bucket of water on the car. She scrubbed the hood, doing her best to remove the insane amount of mud on it. She stopped however when she noticed Matt was still standing there, watching her work. “You know, you don’t have to wait there. No one’s gonna steal your car or anything.”

“Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to go to a party with me tonight. You know, like a date. It’s at Santana Lopez’s house and it’s supposed to be pretty kick ass.”

“Sorry but I like to avoid Santana as much as humanly possible,” she told him with a slightly apologetic smile.

“Well, that’s cool. Maybe we could catch a movie or something. I heard that new Brad Pitt one was pretty good.”

“Listen, Matt, you seem nice and all especially compared to most of the guys around here but…I’m just not interested in you. Like that. So, um, sorry.”

The smile dropped from his face and he rubbed the back of his head, awkwardly. “Well, I, um, I’m just gonna…yeah.” With that he turned and walked over to a group of Cheerios with his shoulders slumped and his hands in his pockets.

“Well, that went well,” Leigha mumbled going back to washing his car. Now, she wanted nothing more than to go home and put on some dry clothes. Her body went into autopilot as she scrubbed the hood and thought about things. It had been rather chaotic at home as they all prepared for the arrival of the baby. Cate was due in two months and Josh was going a little crazy with all of the baby proofing. Every time she came home there was something new to make sure not a single corner or outlet was a threat to the baby’s safety. It was really starting to get on her nerves especially when she didn’t have a place to plug in her laptop.

Leigha snapped out of her thoughts when she heard a loud crash across the parking lot. She spun around only to see Mercedes storm off, leaving Kurt alone with a giant hole in his windshield. “Great…More drama.”